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Instant Sites

You've already built a Facebook Page for your small business, so why not turn that into the core of your online marketing efforts? When you log in via Facebook, it allows us to turn the information you entered on your Facebook business page (we don't see anything else) into a web and mobile site we create just for you.


Email used to be expensive until Hotmail and Gmail made it free. PagePart is making websites free as well: no more expensive web design, or having to upgrade your site to support mobile, or complicated site building tools where you have to do all the work yourself. PagePart instantly generates a free site for you.

Our Daily Dashboard is the place to manage, learn, and perform as a great marketer.


Quickly post to your social media followers, on multiple social networks, from one place.


Marketing is nothing if it is not producing results. We provide simple, clear insights into how your site is driving customers to you -- via phone calls, inquiries, interactions on Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Personalized Best Practices

Get recommendations tailored to your business. Most recommendations show you an example of why you would want it and, where possible, a button to help you fix the problem or take the needed action right away. An on-screen marketing genius, just for you!

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The overwhelming majority of small businesses have a substandard or non-existent mobile site when viewed from a phone. However, Google says that 40% of its mobile searches are for local businesses. Are you losing customers by not having a great mobile site? Just because your site displays on a phone does not mean it “works well.”

A rapidly increasing percentage of online searches are done through a mobile device including iPhones, smartphones, tablets, iPads and more. If your business does not have a mobile and social presence, you are invisible. PagePart instantly creates a professional mobile-friendly website and provides a dashboard to manage Facebook, Twitter, and other marketing. Using the simple drag and drop interface, you can easily edit, post, and manage online presence through one central location: PagePart.

It's totally Free. Ready to get started?

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PagePart is focused on helping very small businesses (VSB's) to grow and succeed by providing them with a complete set of online marketing tools.

Focused on the small business market for over 20 years.

Randy Parker
PagePart founder and CEO

The PagePart team is led by Randy Parker, an advocate for very small businesses for twenty years and founder of the highly acclaimed email marketing company Constant Contact (NASDAQ: CTCT). With his foresight and understanding of the movement to mobile, search and social, Randy developed PagePart as an easy to use platform for VSB's. PagePart uses automation and advice to help local businesses compete in today's digital marketing world.

Randy is joined by a leadership team with extensive VSB (very small business) expertise, a commitment to technical and product excellence, and dedication to the quality of the user experience. The team has been instrumental in the success of small-business-focused companies including Constant Contact, Inc.com, Compete, and Marchex.

Do you have lots of small businesses as customers? Are they not as engaged with you as you would like? That’s where PagePart comes in.

Since you have already acquired those small businesses as customers, let us help you retain and grow them.

Please contact Erica Caplan at partners@pagepart.com to learn more about how we can work together.

Very Small Business (VSB) is a term used to describe a business that typically has fewer than ten employees. VSB's typically have little expertise in the use of technology, and their online marketing approaches are hampered by limited time and money. Frequently the VSB owner is responsible for sales, marketing, finance, ordering, and other aspects of running a business, resulting in the need for simple solutions which are easy to use, quick, and affordable. Examples of VSB's using PagePart are boutiques, laundromats, non-profits, spas, hair salons, nail salons, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, florists, and specialty stores.

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Phone: (617) 600-4411 (see below for obtaining technical support)
Email: info@pagepart.com

For partnership inquiries, email partners@pagepart.com

TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE VIA EMAIL AT: support@pagepart.com and via online chat