Facebook Advertising Simplified

Designed for Local Businesses
and Powered for Companies that Help Them

Simplified templates to easily create Facebook ads

  • Industry-specific screens guide users to create ads that achieve business goals.
  • Simple prompts for targeting, creative and budget help users be great advertisers.
  • Preview and approve desktop and mobile ads before they run.

Automated ad execution

  • Smartly launches ads to deliver user objectives.
  • Includes market-specific best practices and assumptions during ad execution.
  • Ad optimization, target refinement and bidding all expertly managed.
  • Built for partner integration -- see Partnering with Us.

Ad performance analytics using
our innovative M-Score™ technology

  • Shows a comparison of how Facebook ads performed, at a glance, on a 100-point scale.
  • Provides needed clarity to businesses about what worked and what did not.
  • Cuts through the clutter of statistics that marketers face when trying to compare campaigns.
  • Updates in real-time so a business can monitor ad performance during the campaign.
  • Improves ad performance via customized recommendations.
View Ad Creation Demo
See our simplified user interface for ad creation
View Ad Analytics Demo
This demo will show you how we
score ads for marketing effectiveness